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Nampula S.L. is the company that sells and commercialises the cosmetics brand Balcare Cosmetics, and is part of Balneario El Raposo group of companies. It was born together with its other subsidiary Pambiótica S.L., after several research projects on ecological crops and use of natural resources.
Nampula S.L. It is a young company. It was created in January 2017 with the challenge of converting the former cosmetics brand Termal Barros, owned by Balneario El Raposo, into a new line of thermal and ecological cosmetics, with new design, new formulation and more concerned with the welfare of its customers, and for the Environment. We are a responsible, energetic and dynamic company, since we adapt to the needs of our clients, as well as to the new market trends, so we believe that we are the ideal business partner that you were looking for.

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